Thursday, January 17, 2008

This will be the last blog. We are scheduled to leave by C 17 for our return back to Christchurch, NZ in just a few hours. We feel extremely privileged to have had the opportunity to spend a short amount of time in such an extreme and unspoiled environment. You think of Ernest Shackleton’s incredible voyage in 1915 and all those who followed, including many that are here today - they did not try to tame the ice, but respect it and survive within it’s boundaries.


Keith Cowing said...

Well done! You're now featured on NASA Watch.


Jon said...

Exciting work guys! My name is Jon Verville and I am from NASA GSFC. I went to Antarctica Jan 2007 to help in the upgrade of the communiation link at the South Pole station. My blog from last year is here: