Thursday, January 17, 2008

18 Jan
As I write this, it is our last day here. We are tired from an intense 10 days of work, but at the same time invigorated by what we have accomplished. The whole team – NASA, NSF, Raytheon, and ILC Dover - has really come together while we have been here. The last two days have been spent on several different fronts. We verified communication with engineers at JSC, and they assumed control of the cameras and data acquisition system. JSC also began collecting data from the Hab as well as feeding data from JSC to the instrumentation system. We also finished the sustaining plan and maintenance procedures to be left here for those that will be at McMurdo during the year winterover period. Lastly, we documented with closeout photos, the condition of the Hab as we leave it.

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Jon said...

Exciting work guys! My name is Jon Verville and I am from NASA GSFC. I went to Antarctica Jan 2007 to help in the upgrade of the communiation link at the South Pole station. My blog from last year is here: