Tuesday, January 15, 2008

15 Jan
Today was used to finish the installation of sensors, verify the connection back to Johnson Space Center, and further document the structure and our work. First, we monitored CO2 levels internal to the Hab with all six of us working inside the Hab. Readings were recorded every five minutes over a two hour period. We also recorded the interior temperature levels (with no additional heating). The design characteristics of the structure (inflated structural tubes) seems to provide a fairly good thermal insulation layer. Additional external sensors were put in place under the Hab, and we did some initial looks at the images from the thermal imaging done the previous day.
Late afternoon provided us the opportunity to document the Hab and some of its features using a high definition video camera. The last part of the day was spent organizing and starting to package the repair materials and spares that will be left here for NSF and Raytheon for the over-winter period.

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