Saturday, January 12, 2008

12 Jan
Saturday, January 12 started with preparation for our 3 demonstrations (9 am, 1 pm and 7 pm). We also started sensor installation, and finished the ground anchors. The weather station installation was completed (in pictures it shows as the 2 inch diameter pole adjacent to the hab). This will allow those at Johnson Space Center to remotely record weather conditions with the structure use while it is deployed for the year. A drill was brought in to make sure it was securely anchored (again thanks to the personnel here at McMurdo).
For the 3 demonstrations of the structure deployment, we started inside the hab for a short briefing describing plans for lunar habitats, the structure itself, and how the innovative partnership between NASA/NSF/ILC Dover will benefit all parties. After this we exited the structure and deflated, then reinflated. Each time it took approximately 6 minutes for each. We had over 100 people (total) for the three demonstrations - it has become a topic of conversation around McMurdo. Not only was there large attendance, but also we benefited from the feedback we received from those that came. From those that have stayed in field camps to fire and rescue personnel to scientists. There was even a Middle School science teacher from Blanco, Texas who is here on an exchange program for teachers. We ended the busy day with making sure we were prepared for Monday’s (14 Jan) sensor installations. Sunday will be a break day for us and we plan on a few hikes and a tour of the Oden, the Swedish Icebreaker, which plowed it’s way to the Ice Pier this afternoon.

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christian said...

Always good with a swedish icebreaker....The project sounds realy exciting and this hands on, on the field studies are realy great.

We are heading for a couple of weeks in Sweden on Thursday to renew visas and also to check out our new house there.

Take care Larry and we will follow the blog!