Wednesday, January 9, 2008

09 Jan
We ended 08 Jan with a midnight hike to Hut Point. It looks across the frozen bay towards the glaciers. It is daylight 24 hours a day, so it was a strange sensation.

After 6 ½ hours sleep, we had a quick breakfast before heading to our temporary office (a conference room in the Faciities Management Bldg.) . At the time I am writing this it is 4 pm , and we have surveyed the site, and finished the site prep work (after the work the NSF did on it before we arrived). We have also started to set up our work area where we are laying out and checking the sensors which will be embedded in the structure to monitor it’s health during it’s year of deployment. At the moment it has started to snow and the wind is increasing.

The forecast is for winds up to 80 knots by tomorrow with heavy snow the next few days. We hope to have the structure set up in the next few days aith installation of ground anchors and final site prep tomorrow, and then start to instrument it and outfit it. Many people here seem to be very interested in the project. At lunch we hiked back to Hut Point and could barely stand , you had to almost horizontally lean into the wind to keep from being blown downhill. It has truly turned into the Antarctic today !!!!! So the site prep wil be the challenge it should be tomorrow.

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Gary R. Spexarth said...

Houston weather will sure feel great when you return! Best of luck getting it set up! We are all anxious to see it deployed!

- Gary