Sunday, January 6, 2008

07 Jan
Today we made it to the International Antarctic Center at the Christchurch Airport. Here we were given our cold weather gear. It basically comes in two orange duffels. It includes undergarments, gloves, wind pants, parkas, etc. Most of us feel we are in pretty good shape to weather anything now, given we brought things with us as well from Houston. Everything needed to be tried on and made sure it is “serviceable” – no broken zippers, etc. We basically got through this in about 2 hours.
There are about 60 people deploying to the ice on our flight. We need to report back tomorrow morning at 6 am for the flight. It will take about 5 hours to McMurdo (weather dependent). You will notice that we have our “mascot” penguins in tow and you will see them again in the future. That way those of you who said “…hope you see penguins…..” will not be disappointed.


Mark H. said...

Larry, how many of the 60 people on your flight are in your group? That seems like a lot of people going to Antarctica.

Larry said...

Hey Mark
We only have 4 NASA people and 2 folks from ILC Dover (contractor) for our Inflatable Hab project. The 60 on our flight was larger than normal, but this is the International Polar Year and the dedication for the new South Pole Station is happening next week.


lorriebill said...

Larry - Exciting trip! Wishing you all great success. Had chili for lunch today - plenty more waiting for you when you return. Take care. Bill & Lorrie